Often times there are no particular reasons that things and events do happen to we humans but they do happen right?

fashion and style has being a thing of joy for me from my early days as a kid,I would always look for new ways to fall in love more deeply with fashion,then i decided to start blogging in 2013 which i really could not get around to do it until August 2014,i was so excited about this but i immediately got a job as a fashion account manager and i could not manage the two because of work pressure,i had a very tasking job that opened my eyes to so many things and several opportunities. My new job made me understand a lot about people management, customer service,time management the need for starting your day off properly outlined, this job also taught me a great deal on how to handle and treat people fairly,indeed no man is an island as i am on a steady journey of growth and self discovery,it thought me so many things that i am really grateful for that sole experience,i did change jobs got my hands dirty explored and did so many other things for the fun and experience of it and here we are again back to my first love.Its been an experience that I wouldn’t want to trade for anything in the world as it was quiet tasking and humbling at the same time.

Asides all the work madness and finding myself I have also being planning so many other things, like pet projects that i have in the oven busy schedule has always being a handful but I never left fashion behind,sit back relax and lets conquer 2017 together fashionably.







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