The Fashion World In 2016

The world of fashion in 2015 was really an eventful year,both for the local fashion scene and the international fashion scene,we saw colors such as rust,



Candium Orange

Desert Sage

and the likes, just to name a few, these colors popped all year round…

Trends were not left behind as the cold shoulder trend







not also forgetting the choker trends



The metallic pleat trend or multi pleat was never-ending as we saw these in all kinds of lengths sizes and colours.



Romantic ruffles were also not left out as it was all over

Romantic ruffle dress

We also loved how stylistas spiced up the done up denim trend,from the casual to the red carpet slaying …

The pajamas trend was not left out as celebrities rocked this all over and also on the red carpet and to fashion week



The long slug pants was one of my favorites as this style was every thing from comfy to chic


The shirt stripes or shirting stripes was one trend that was so unique but at the same time edgy,shirt stripes were made out to pants,shorts,skirts and dresses and they came out real well.


The sheer mesh trendy was not for the faint hearted but for those edgy fashionistas that could pull this off,we all know mesh has athletic roots,this trend gave edgy fashionistas a voice.


The most flattering trend of 2016 for me was the paper bag waist trend,because this look created beautiful waist lines and silhouette,and accentuated bodies for better appearances…


Men’s wear designers have really taken it up a top-notch as they are no longer taking a back seat these were the  men’s wear trend for 2016,these were some of the styles we were in love with

Embellished bomber jackets

image by indigital via GQ

We saw bomber jackets take a new turn from silk to leather to wool bomber jacket were on a whole new level and had an edgy sexy feel to it from the rich embellishment incorporated into this style it was something worth having in 2016.

image by indigital via GQ

The neckerchief trend was something that could be associated with the rich and high-class society way back,but this is no longer the case as every trendy young or old male could always rock and slay this trend,the neckerchief are better in a silk-cotton fabric,it was such a beautiful trend to rock.

image by indigital via GQ

Pyjamas suit in my own opinion would only be trendy on metro sexual men it would take a lot of guts to pull this trend off as not everyone would be able to do this effortlessly.

image by indigital via GQ

The knee skimming shorts were such an in thing this year and they were really good for the summer days, they could be worn if they were plain and could be worn over bright colours.

image by getty images via GQ

Everyone loves a cute back pack either male or female and this had been happening for a while now as both sexes really rocked this trend in 2016 from backpacks made from leather to wool it could be slayed by any and everyone.

image via GQ

This particular trend was so all brand new to me, as seeing men on slip-ons and socks was kind of alien before now but hey,this is fashion and anything is sure possible.

We cannot wait to see what would be the biggest trends for 2017



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