Color Of 2017

Another exciting year has begun and we super excited for what the fashion world has got planned out for us,fashion at times could be really unpredictable from colours to trends and all,as usual in December 2016 the ” global colour authority” Pantone colour institute as they like being referred to predicted that “Green”  would be the colour for the year 2017.This is not some leaf green but pantone-150343 this colour is known as “greenery”.

image via instyle

When we ask what would be in 2017, we sure know this Donald Trump would definitely be the president of the united states of America,and that green would be the colours of the new year,green represents new beginnings and fresh starts.

The pantone colour guide take you on a journey of being able to mix and match this colour in the most beautiful and fashionable way possible,you could visit there website on to find out more about what were their motives behind this.

image via google


image via pantone

I am so in love with this colour because it very well describes nature and hope and everything worth holding unto we have indeed had a turbulent year globally and green represents hope.I cannot wait to see how fashion slayers would slay these colours in all its glory and mix and match it create that ump effect.




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