Happy New Year

Happy new year good people,we made it to the new year!!!!

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New beginnings,fresh starts,re-affirmations of love hope for better things ahead is all we crave in the start of a new year,do people still make new year resolutions?

Have you made any personal resolutions and plans? or promises to other people? What were your lessons from 2016? What ever the lessons were i hope they do put you on a better part and  page…

The new year is a time to make healthy decisions,not necessarily a resolutions because over time,more than half of us barely adhere to this resolutions,what better way to start the year with healthier eating habits,healthier relationships and friendships letting go of all the toxic stuff that puts us behind .For our nation Nigeria 2016 was indeed a tough year, which affected different sectors in the nation and it boiled down on her citizen’s real hard,from sky rocketing prices to company’s laying off staff it was indeed an overwhelming 2016 but we are so grateful to be alive and see the new year.

We sure do hope that it would even be a better year as a nation for us in 2017,and our leaders would take issues concerning us seriously and be more people conscious than money conscious.

I pray for us all that we are overwhelmed by blessings in the new year and most importantly have a fashionable 2017.

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