The Kitten Is Back

In the medieval times high heels were worn by both men and women as a symbol of class and status,this tradition continued until it was discarded when females started wearing really high heels as a fetish symbol of sex and beauty,then the stilettos were introduced and it a was a thing of show cashing your sexuality,how ever many young women and girls could not afford it or even the courage to wear it in some types of environment. Designers quickly came to the rescue and popularized the kitten heels and named it “training heels.


With its heels standing at 1.5 to1.75 girls age 13 upwards wore the kitten heel shoes to get accustomed to wearing stilettos kitten heels were made popular in 1950’s,women and girls suddenly were ignoring the stilettos as the saw it as a thing for models and more for people in the fashion industry than for regular wearers like them,there was a decline of the kitten heels in the 1970’s it returned in the 1980’s with another return in 2003…


Fashion pundits are strongly predicting the return of the kitten heels in the new year,in my opinion this is one shoe i love to rock any day any time.

What are your thoughts.



images from pintrest,google

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