Gbenga Artsmith’s Collection “Black Magic” Debuts…

Gbenga Artsmith, is an indigenous Jewelry designer and his latest work  “Black Magic Collection” with an Afro inspired theme,is everything an African woman with poise and class needs in her jewelry collection. The uniquely Afro inspired  pieces showcases African richness from intricate cuts and stitches,made from African prints and heavily embellished,with unique stones this collection is everything.



The collection features body necklaces, flamboyant bib neck pieces, neck motifs, and exclusive coral necklaces,that tells an African story i love the fact that the shoot wasn’t killed by flamboyant makeup or outfit,which really brought to life the pieces.

Thumbs up to him on this collection.













Jewelry/Styling: Gbenga Artsmith | @gbengaartsmith
Photography: Francis Lens | @francislens
Makeup/Headwrap: Olamide | @bolams
Costume: Hadassah Clothings | @hadassahclothings and Abike Clothings | @abikeclothings
Model: Cynthia | @cynthia_diko


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