Hey ladies……we are in that period where the weather is so dry and apparently not good for the skin because dry dead cells are building up at a very fast pace, therefore we need to take utmost care of our skin or what else could be more important….*winks* … I thought I share an amazing way to help exfoliate the dead cells in a subtle natural way using the brown sugar scrub.
Regularly using an exfoliating body scrub on dry skin helps improve the texture of your skin and this also helps get rid of cellulite…yeah you read it right, using it only adds 5 minutes to your shower or bath time, but it’s such a pampering treat that you’ll feel as though you just stepped out of the spa.
Not only does it slough away dead skin, but the oil also makes the DIY body scrub fabulously moisturizing and of course you can always top it by using your own favorite moisturizer.
So……lets get that skin glowing ladies….sugar-scrub_1

image from google

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