Best Toner For Your Skin Type



A good toner is an essential step in your beauty regime, as they help to re-balance your skin after cleansing and tackle any issues your skin may have, leaving it looking polished and glowing, and also returning the skin to its natural pH level. There are many types of toners available for all these skin types. All you have to do is go to your local beauty store and check out what best suits your skin type.

We have carefully selected a few toners for different skin types below…

Oily and pimple prone skin should try refreshing toners which have no moisturizers. Instead opt for ones with AHAs and salicyclic acid to keep blemishes at bay.


Avoid alcohol-based astringents if your skin is dry. Water-based facial toners are ideal for dry skin. As dry skin is susceptible to wrinkling, opt for a toner that contains antioxidant and cell repairing ingredients. Toners that contain botanical ingredients that soothes and nourishes the skin are ideal for dry skin.



If you have sensitive skin, avoid toners that contain ingredients that may irritate your skin. Common skin irritants are alcohol and menthol. Look for something that’s alcohol free with natural ingredients and pamper that skin.



If you have combination skin, then you want a toner that covers all bases after cleansing: Hydrating skin while also removing excess oil and re-balancing skin. Pick toners according to the weather. For hot sweltering summers go for refreshing toners. In harsh winters go for moisturizing ones.



So, what are we waiting for after reading this …… Let’s go pamper that skin and make it beautiful….


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